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Morocco vs. Coronavirus

The great country of Morocco it’s been going through a tough couple of days battling against coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

A military vehicle in Morocco instructs the inhabitants to remain in their homes.

The Moroccan Ministry of health confirmed the first case on March 2 which corresponded to a Moroccan citizen who arrived from Italy, who is now one of the five people who have been cured.

Countries with much better resources have not been able to stop the spread of the virus because of the bad management and despite knowing the destructive capacity of the ‘coronavirus effect’; they continued to enjoy their daily life disregarding the warnings.

On the other hand, Morocco is at the forefront of the world in confinement measures against the coronavirus. Some of the most important measures that have been taken are:

  • Prohibition if the intercity passenger transport
  • Closing of the borders with Spain
  • Almost all flights are cancelled
  • A safe-conduct is required to leave the house
  • Closure of all educational centers
  • Ban of public gathering of more than 50 people
  • Closing of cinemas, museums, cafes and restaurants
  • Closure of mosques

In Morocco, despite official figures reporting that there were 134 infections and only 4 deaths from coronavirus (compared to 39,673 infected in Spain and 2,694 deaths), the Moroccan authorities applied radical measures among its 35 million inhabitants.

For now, military vehicles are traveling in the main cities asking neighbors to stay at home through loudspeakers. And the Government has requested the editors of newspapers and magazines to suspend their publications in paper edition until new order.


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