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U.K.’s Boris Johnson becomes first world leader with coronavirus

The British Prime Minister’s handling of the pandemic has been widely criticized for not having taken sufficient measures to protect the population. Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, the politician reported this Friday in a video posted on his Twitter account. “I have decided to isolate myself, but I will continue to direct the […]

United States, the country with more COVID-19 cases

The figures in the US reached catastrophic levels making it the country with the most cases of people infected with coronavirus in the world, surpassing China and Italy. The United States has 83,066 confirmed cases, while China reports 81,299 and Italy has 80,589 people infected with the virus that was born in Wuhan. The data […]

Morocco vs. Coronavirus

The great country of Morocco it’s been going through a tough couple of days battling against coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The Moroccan Ministry of health confirmed the first case on March 2 which corresponded to a Moroccan citizen who arrived from Italy, who is now one of the five people who have been cured. […]

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